We're a Group of Really Good Marketers

​A growth focused marketing agency with a small, talented and agile team.

Who we are

​Redirekt is a multinational team with roots in ​​Kanpur and headquarters in ​New Delhi. We are a lean start-up company. We shift things fast to give our customers what matters most to them, and to keep us ahead of the game. Our motto is "First do it, then do it right, then do it better."

​Our history

​Redirekt's history dates back to 201​7, when we first opened our team & resources for local and medium sized businesses​. An experienced team of SEOs and content marketers with over 5 years of experience in various industries started delivering first page rankings and increase in profit. It quickly became one of the best ​seo agency in India.

From our humble beginnings, ​Redirekt has steadily grown. We started out with a ​team of ​two, and gradually evolved to our current, powerful ​20 ​SEOs. Today, we ​help clients achieve first page rankings across all industries. That's more than any corporate SEO firm can promise.


​Have questions?​​​​

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